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Finding my inner Shangri-La

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Dazzled by the splendor of its conveniences, Shangri-La at The Fort is a utopia in the middle of a concrete jungle. I came from the bustling, light-filled streets of Bonifacio High Street and went straight to my room at Shangri-La, The Fort. I was swiftly served a banquet of room service and comfortingly ate while being in awe of the…

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A week escape to Ubud

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I have not met anyone who traveled to Bali and didn’t love it and because of that, I made sure Bali is on top of my list to visit this year. We booked a hotel in Ubud which is known for its dreamy boutique hotels, one, in particular, is the Hanging Gardens Hotel in Ubud, the world’s first 7-star boutique hotel which we didn’t stay in (sorry to disappoint you) it was full when we checked.

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Boracay island is always our first choice to visit when in Philippines, this time, however, we tried to explore other part of the country, we wanted to visit El Nido Palawan, however, the best and fastest way to reach the island is through chartered planes and you have to book in advance, this knowledge weren’t available to me and so…

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