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Finding my inner Shangri-La

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Dazzled by the splendor of its conveniences, Shangri-La at The Fort is a utopia in the middle of a concrete jungle. I came from the bustling, light-filled streets of Bonifacio High Street and went straight to my room at Shangri-La, The Fort. I was swiftly served a banquet of room service and comfortingly ate while being in awe of the…

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A week escape to Ubud

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I have not met anyone who traveled to Bali and didn’t love it and because of that, I made sure Bali is on top of my list to visit this year. We booked a hotel in Ubud which is known for its dreamy boutique hotels, one, in particular, is the Hanging Gardens Hotel in Ubud, the world’s first 7-star boutique hotel which we didn’t stay in (sorry to disappoint you) it was full when we checked.

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