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Last season’s favorite which many associated with opulence, and some (I) associated with bad taste, velvet, made a massive come back and thanks to designers adding twist and mixing it with fabrics most of us can tolerate like lace and you know, just generally normal materials made the velvet trend bearable, well at least to me.  This season, I’m having…

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1Adriana Iglesias Suit
2Mango Top
3Chanel Boy Bag

Because new year = new you right? I don’t usually make new year resolutions but I’m making an exception this 2017. Afterall anything set with great intention is powerful, have you ever went to bed and consciously told yourself to wake up at a specific time and you did wake up without having to set your alarm clock? Yes, that’s your subconscious working and it’s the very same mechanism that operates when you consciously make a resolution.

 So let’s start shall we?

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1Maxmara Jumpsuit
2Tory Burch Sandals

When you think of winter, you think of boots, chic mid-length and buttonless camel coats. The idea of strolling around town with a flowy coat,  thigh high boots, oversized scarf and coffee in one hand excites the fashionistas in all of us. Imagine all the cool snaps you’ll produce right? Well, unless you’ve just moved to the UAE,  you wouldn’t know that winter here is a bit different, it’s cold and warm depending on how you are exposed to the sun, in short, it is not cold enough for us to be sporting 10 pieces of clothing at once.

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1OTT Velvet Cover up from byott.com

Living in the UAE has made me learn to adjust both my beliefs and the clothes I wear, whilst there are many places that allow non-Muslims like me to wear bikini like hotels and around beach areas, it’s still necessary to respect and cover up whenever you can and this is to avoid making Muslim guest or tourist uncomfortable. This means…

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