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(Wearing Salta)

Fashion Forward or Dubai’s very own version of Fashion Week recently completed it’s 7th season where  many new designers participated.

 Salta or Saltanat Baimukhame who founded her label on 2008 launched her brand in the UAE and showcased her design during fashion forward, the designs were inspired by Tibet.

It’s always fun to see authentic creativity and I can’t wait for Fashion forward’s 8th season.

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Took my mums bag from the 70’s and decided to get off my unicorn to mingle with everyone else. Just kidding. Straw bags were massive last year, 2015, however for the bohemian fashion lover like myself, straw is the epitome of casual bohemian. And I love the fact the straw bags are perfect for the beach because they’re super versatile which can…

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(Wearing DKNY bag, sunglasses and Kimono inspired jumpsuit from Namshi) I have been contemplating what makes an outfit edgy and though I’m doing a lifestyle/fashion blog, I wouldn’t be caught dead lining up in Dubai mall at 3am for HMBalmaination. I’m not that crazy about fashion. Recently however, I figured that my love for fashion is growing more and more.…

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