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Currently in-lust with Paule Ka’s SS17 collection comprising of tailored pieces, embroidered dresses, bold colours and prints. For this shoot, I chose a long jacquard tailored dress with golden tones created by Como’s most avant-garde textile mill, accessorized it with Paule Ka clutch bag, Juicy Couture bracelets and Mango earrings.

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1Adriana Iglesias Suit
2Mango Top
3Chanel Boy Bag

Because new year = new you right? I don’t usually make new year resolutions but I’m making an exception this 2017. Afterall anything set with great intention is powerful, have you ever went to bed and consciously told yourself to wake up at a specific time and you did wake up without having to set your alarm clock? Yes, that’s your subconscious working and it’s the very same mechanism that operates when you consciously make a resolution.

 So let’s start shall we?

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bebe Arabia joined forces with Emirates Animal Welfare Society (EAWS), to raise awareness for animal welfare in the United Arab Emirates. TSG was chosen to help uphold animal awareness in the region with bebe’s#bebeBESTIES campaign along with the region’s social media opinion leaders.animal welfare. bebe encourages customers to support EAWS by gifting an animal a home this holiday season, by adopting a…

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The little black dress or what we fondly call LBD isn’t just a simple dress that saves you from special occasion emergencies, it has it’s own interesting history. Back in the 1900s, black was often worn as a sign of mourning, that is still true today, however after World War 1, it was worn often that it became normal and mourning wasn’t attached to it anymore, in fact Coco Chanel published her first Little Black Dress design in American Vogue.

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Let’s all be honest, a good winter work outfit can be challenging to find. You’ll end wearing the same cover up over and over with the goal of keeping yourself warm. This Camel combo is perfect to be worn together or with other pieces. If LBD is a classic piece every woman must have, I’d say a good camel coat is its winter staple counterpart.

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