If you think that winter time in the desert is not a good antidote to your travel plans, then let me prove you wrong. Even if winter doesn’t conjure up images of Frosty the Snowman kind in the Middle East, there’s still a plethora thing to do around. 

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I was wrong about my idea of the desert that is vast lifeless sand because I’ve been around here for long. I was in for a real treat last weekend while camping in Fujairah, I find it enjoyable to just lounge on the beach whilst watching the sunset. In addition to my delight, star spotting in Ras Al Khaimah is fun as well. If you want to bring out the party animal in you, Yacht Parties never go out of style in Dubai no matter the season. And oh did I mention that I went horseback riding in in Skydive? The highlight of my ride was learning how to play polo, however, this is also something you can do in Al Quadra.

I’m still grateful I can venture away from the city and there are not many crowds to deal with the desert. Truth is, cooler winter months are the best time to explore in and out the city.

Like life, everything has its seasons. One season could be so marvelous that you don’t want to end the moment but you can only preserve it by enjoying it. A good life does not omit any chapters like seasons, there are good and bad, long and difficult. For me its the winter season that I want to to make last somehow and not just fleeting like all the happy moments in my life. 

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