Planning for 2018

Too early, I know.

You might be thinking, its a few weeks too early to be thinking about the next year or if you’re like me, it’s never too early to start planning.

Originally, I thought of posting the ‘kicking’ photo as a visual representation of me getting rid of ‘negativity’ for the coming year in style hence the sparkly dress, but with enough thought, 2017 has been a great one. It has always been in my system to always try to be prepared for a potentially difficult situation which also makes me quite anxious sometimes and I’m sure it isn’t unique to me, that goes on even when everything’s perfect and always subconsciously feel that something didn’t go as planned.

With that awareness in mind, the only thing I know I need to work on is the autopilot thinking; to stop ‘expecting’ difficulty and to trust that everything will continue being great. I’m a believer in the law of attraction and that what you put out on a subconscious level, you attract. Whether you’re a believer or not, fixating on the good never hurts.

This coming year, other than working on the self (which never ends really) I’m planning to travel more, I had enough dose of the tropics and can now move on so perhaps explore Europe this time. I also plan to do more to support animal welfare in the UAE, to develop the SS18 design for Kuna, to have a dog and more cats (did you see that coming? haha ), to try and spend more time with family especially my mum, I’m hoping she’d finally agree to move to Dubai with me, read more books or actually try to finish all the books I bought this year, more soul work (meditation, yoga, connecting to individuals that supports that) and to continuously do what I love to do – digital content creation and work with brands that I support and whose values are aligned with mine.

For this look, I wore a dress from Kage, Kuna bag & Stuart Weizman Boots.

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Or plainer black bags for the practical woman HERE

(Shopbop is having a massive End of the year sale on the Dec 26th and 28th, you’re welcome)

Before I end this topic whilst gearing up for the new year, here’s one final kick to the negative spot in the subconscious mind and a hello to prosperous 2018. How about you, have you thought of your plans?

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