Don’t get overly excited about Dubai’s winter weather and avoid looking like a marshmallow while floating around this cold season.  Relax, we are not totally gearing towards the winter chill, however, we can feel the temperature drop day by day right? That being said, more weight on clothes doesn’t always mean more warmth. Unlike western countries, winter here is not long and it’s not totally dark at all. The fashion pulis can still easily spot your fashion faux pas. 

No need to hoard those fashionable bulky coats just to prove a winter statement. I always opt for the lightweight staples aiming to look stylish. I get jovial wearing layers this time of the year but I don’t overkill my style. Try a knitted turtleneck long sleeves top (HERE) over tight jeans and accessorize it with over knee boots (HERE) and skip the baggy sweater and boring leggings. If you want to fight about still wearing a puffy jacket, choose the ultralight one and please choose neutrals. For hats, I suggest opting for beret which is all the rage this season than those big puffy hats – not sexy… ( HERE ).  Just remember that Dubai winter is not forever and it can go extreme hot the next minute so you don’t really need bulky gears. I know your wardrobe is rolling in as you eagerly anticipate the winter style but do it right.

The key is to always choose neutral colored accessories which you can use to pair in all your winter ensemble, it can be cute thigh-high leather boots and in my case, this black leather Anouck Bag by Claudie Pierlot does the job perfectly.


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