Since this region is literally located in the vast desert, we always rejoice in the cold season. Dubai winter is here. Finally, we can clean the cobwebs parking in our AC because we haven’t reset it for so long. We no longer rely on the natural heat temperature and finally experience the joy of turning the heater on. JBR, Kite Beach, and all the beach bars are buzzing with so much life again and we welcome the death of our diet because of the tasty beach burgers around. Not only beach escapes but our weekly dinner out had turned breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee break and all that. Because the breeze is irresistible, it’s truly the best time to spend outdoors and get poor.

(Top from COS, Trousers from Miss Selfridge, Slippers from Line Loup)

Most importantly, the winter wardrobe staples are back. You must be suffering from the carpal tunnel syndrome by now from scrolling and following a plethora of fashion icons for best cold-weather style looks since we don’t always indulge in this kind of weather for months. Or you’ve gone worst to scoring fashion-frozen looks even if snowman is non-existent in the Middle East. Our excitement with this Dubai winter had gone overly appropriate. No judgment, I feel you too.

If you are curious how I brave the coldness and bundle up, I go back to the basic sweaters and pajamas. Of course, I can’t go around the house without my Line Loup French Line of Comfy Home Slippers. I call this pair a masterpiece of comfort and style combined. It is such a luxury to have a slipper you can comfortably walk around without leaving your toes feeling cold.

More than being fashionable, find something comfortable without compromising looking at your best. Go for cold-weather pieces that are suitable for the current temperature. Don’t go all the way the North Pole when you’re just under the Middle Eastern sun.

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    Love a good slippers! Love your page too! Xxx

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