Scape, Burj Al Arab

I have been brewing a relaxing weekend for Chris for quite some time now. He’s been working really hard lately so I wanted him to step out of the grind for a sweet escape without driving outside Dubai. Since nature is a good stress neutralizer, I can’t think of any better place with an outstanding beach view than Burj Al Arab.


The iconic sail-shaped building sets a whole different level of hospitality in the world with its unapologetic luxury. While they say that not all that glitters is gold, everything that glitters in Burj Al Arab is really gold. This is the kind of place that doesn’t just give what you deserve, they understand luxury on an intimate level and they adapt everything to reflect that understanding.

I’ve always been put off by the notion that the glory and splendor of the Burj Al Arab are exclusive for the upper class only. That being said, research is paramount and I discovered that Scape Restaurant is priced reasonably and very accessible to get into if you book ahead. I stayed at their chic beach vibe sea-facing cabana and obviously we did not miss gorging on the Californian-fusion dishes. They have two pools, an infinity one, and cabanas with spa treatment menu. The standard cabana is priced at AED 1800 or $490 but it sure is worth all the experience. You can use their toiletries and make your own tea or coffee, but usually, the staff will be right there to attend to you. Their dessert line-up and signature drinks are unmissable too, starters at AED 75 – 298. If you opt to sit in the lap of luxury and admiring the beauty up-close at the Royal Cabana for AED 3700 or $ 1000. It is complete with your own bathroom and space, you get what you pay for. Once your reservation at Scape has been made, your reference number will be your ticket to enter Burj Al Arab..

After spending time in Scape, we added Spa treatment at Tao Spa in The Mall just right across Burj Al Arab in an attempt to prolong the relaxing day. I booked a  90-minute Swedish massage because an extra boost of dopamine and serotonin levels never hurt anyone. The spa staff are all welcoming and served us with chamomile tea upon arrival. The staff really took it upon themselves to give us the relaxation that we need. It was such a sweet weekend that I wishfully think of doing it again a hundred times over.

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