The former ‘Paris of the Middle East’, Lebanon will never cease to offer its bounty of historical landmarks, food, nature, and nightlife. 

Right at the heart of the capital city of Beirut, there’s a wonderful hotel treasure that you should not miss. Four Seasons Hotel offers you the right medley of luxury and comfort, a perfect example would be the pool that gives you the full view of the seascapes, mountainscapes from afar and the panoramic city. I am talking about the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean sea and the mountain terrains surrounding it. 

Right after we settled in, we booked ourselves to some tour around the city. It is small that you can go city hopping within the day. We opted for scenic river adventure and it was quite a treat for outdoor enthusiasts. Just one of the many bounties of nature lushness around Lebanon that is pretty much idyllic for someone like me who comes from a concrete jungle.

Here’s my pick of things to do outside the hotel. Just 45 minutes drive away from the hotel is the Jeita Grotto. This crystallized cave can feed your appetite for cavern sculptures and extraordinary shapes. And when you need some downtime after, Our Lady of Harissa, is the right oasis for prayer and reflection. Byblos made me fall in love in parks. One of my favorite things to do there is just strolling along the park with a fantastic view of the Mediterranean coast and the narrow streets of the souk to the opposite side.  I am also charmed by the old churches and archeological sites surrounding it. All in day’s adventure and discovery.

I experienced first-hand the famed Lebanese hospitality at the hotel. While it spoils you with the lavish amenities, it has an impeccable service. I felt the peaceful coexistence of different race and religions. Surprisingly, they are also night creatures who can keep up with the city’s glorious and dazzling nightlife. The energy and liveliness around the city at night is infectious. 

If you are looking for all kinds of adventure and inspiration, Beirut has all its diverse bounty to offer.

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  • Mariana December 3, 2017 9:32 am

    Lebanon was never in my radar until this! Thanks for sharing!

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