A girl’s favorite time to travel would probably be summer. It’s the best time to put on every comfortable piece of clothing you own. The promise of thin silhouettes is ultimate to stop you from overheating with its cooling fabric properties. The softer, the more forgiving to the body. 

(Photography by Natalie Lines)

But you don’t always get bitten by the travel bug on summer alone. I have road-tested Ted Bakers new luxe lounger wear collection – Ted Says Relax and it’s not the kind that can be relegated from the travel basics.  It is my top choice for traveling comfort in its most stylish design up in the air. I prefer casual to wear during the day and can be worn straight to a date night. It makes you look pulled together within a breeze. Now that’s being comfy but not sloppy! 

In anticipation of my travels, I love how ‘easy’ and ‘breezy’ is in perfect balance just by choosing the most comfortable wardrobe staple. And given that the usual material is breathable, I can still nail a style statement on it. Who said you can’t dress to the nines even when in a rush?

Packing comfortable clothes is always ideal. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and just take the essentials in your hand-carry. Always at least have one spare for changing in case you need some extra warmth. Just do it, you’ll thank me later. 

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