While the rest of the world tends to be glum about cold days, we celebrate it with style in UAE. With the change of season comes new beginnings and for us ladies, new clothes. No better way to welcome the winter than wearing this Claudie Pierlot pink dress that is a great pairing to my leather and boots. This is one good pick-me-up fashion treat after enduring the long excruciating heat. With this pink dress, I am ready to welcome that blast of cold air as I open my balcony door a few days from now.

We can equate happiness to that feeling when your skin tingles in coldness. I absolutely love cuddle weather, feeling like a kid being bundled up under a few blankets. I’m guilty of sporting comfy sweatpants and sweatshirts, all day, every day. In the morning, rushing to the nearest coffee shop and ordering my favorite winter drink makes me twice as happy. And while I am all for bikini season, how can you not love winter boots, scarves, and all the layering?

But the real lure of this season is that it signals the coming of Christmas. The atmosphere, the vibes, the food and everything else spells happiness. Oh winter, you and your layers, it warms my heart to think that in just a few weeks, you’re here. I welcome you with so much glee and style in the hopes that you’ll stay a bit longer!

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