Finding my inner Shangri-La

Dazzled by the splendor of its conveniences, Shangri-La at The Fort is a utopia in the middle of a concrete jungle.

I came from the bustling, light-filled streets of Bonifacio High Street and went straight to my room at Shangri-La, The Fort. I was swiftly served a banquet of room service and comfortingly ate while being in awe of the view outside. Even if I sat in the comfort of my white sheets, I can’t deny the relative merits of this hotel. There’s a great option of restaurants outside too. Underneath its bold promise of serving premium, they over delivered in terms of convenience.

I had been whirled and spun through the frantic traffic of Manila. It can really swallow you like a washing machine. Everytime I come back to Shangri-la and its doors would be slid apart, there’s an instant admission to luxury and comfort. My room was enormous enough for me to get spellbound into the joys of sheer relaxation. At night, I swung to the hangout places in The Fort which is literally a stone throw away. The side of me being high-spirited is on fire as everyone greets me on my way out. 

After a couple of drinks went back to the hotel and fell into a conversation with a friendly staff who told me about the gym and amenities like the pool. Exercise facilities is quite a hope of reinforcement from a night of drinking. I reckon that one of the most outstanding features of this hotel is the massive swimming pool with a sweeping view of the well-laid buildings around. A copious happy hour drinks while basking in the lap of luxury is an ideal thing to do here, all in the glory of pool romping. And unlike other hotels, you don’t get that penetrating stares around. It’s not hard to raise a smile on this side of the world- and therein lay the hotel’s real charm.

It was not just the convenience of the location and amenities of this place that struck a responsive chord to my heart. Its how it can afford you a peaceful sanctuary in this maddening city. In the morning, I can face the view and streamed out into the bright sunlight. Shangri-La at The Fort gave me the perfect blend of invigoration inside and merriment outside. And the warm smiles shone with the light of all that was left unsaid. 

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