When I’m mentally packing for a trip, a white buttoned down shirt is a no brainer.

While there’s that certain allure we see in magazines for airport fashion, there’s really no substitute to comfort and packing light. But in my line of work, I am to inspire people with some sartorial travel style head to toe when globetrotting. Fortunately, there is surefire way to pull of some trendy styles without paying the additional excess in the luggage like my Armani Exchange White Buttoned Down Shirt.

It can be worn over a bikini, white trousers, shorts, cute denim or some local handmade skirts you bought wherever you are. Why bring the entire closet when you can score a one piece travel fashion hit!

(Necklace from Kuna and bracelets from Juicy Couture.)

But before I embark to my next adventure, I’m making this buttoned down shirt as the solution to my casual look woes today. See next post and find out why this shirt is making it to the list of my favourite staples.

Sai x

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