When it comes to doing anything, it is my belief that everything can be learned. And that belief was inspired by my mom. I witnessed how she dealt with setbacks and I was shown from an early age that women can do anything. This has a massive impact on my character, by going through life with my mother, it slowly cultivated in me a growth mindset.

She would always tell me that intention is powerful and that whatever you set your mind into, it’s just a matter of time before you achieve it because life moves forward and upward. She believes that proper practice and consistency only leads to success. All her words kept replaying in my head the moment I decided that I want to start my own business.September last year, I launched GLAM GOURMET (Glamgourmetdxb), it’s a meal plan company designed for women with delicate dietary needs. This year I’m launching KUNA (@kunaforyou) an online shop where you can buy accessories created by artisans from different parts of the world, every product bought support these women’s livelihood.

Since I moved to Dubai, I had been planning on starting it but I never really got the chance to do it as I was working full time then, this time, however, my excuse is scarce as I have all the resources to start my own and I couldn’t be more excited.

Sunglasses from Marni, Dress from Namshi and bag from Kuna

Location: Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

I’m also very happy to be sharing this journey with my virtual friends who’ve been following my creative work for over three years now. This project started from a place of pure passion, love, and inspiration. There’s no fear in sight and it’s such an empowering place to be.

Sai x

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