It’s that time of the year again when the usually busy city goes silent for most time of the day, there’s a distinct change of energy; everything seem quieter, friendlier and more peaceful. It’s the month of Ramadan and for Muslims, it’s the month to refocus attention on God and practice self-discipline and sacrifice. What it means for us expats is to observe and respect the Muslim tradition by following certain rules like not drinking and eating in public and also to dress up modestly.

(Wearing: Mango earrings, Adrianna Iglesias Top and Trousers, Stuart Weizman Sandals, Suvimol Bag)

And when it comes modest dressing, the internet has an ample amount of fashion inspiration to offer. I have listed down a few social media influencers who’s style is impeccable it makes you want to rethink your wardrobe choice.



The blues & Sacai.

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2. @Dalalid



3. @Dinatokio

Totes using this magazine holder as a bag for all my pics. At least it keeps its shape! Tap for deets!

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4. @Leenalghouti

Only @bambahboutique for this night ?

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5.  @Mariaalia

More day 1 tings #revolvefestival

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6. @QueenRania


7. @fa6ma7sam

Back in cold amman❤️ tap for deets! Photo by @abual3ezz_

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