We’ve been enjoying a few days of sunny weather after a few weeks of gloom in the UAE. For four years that I’d been living in Dubai, it’s my first time to experience consistent rain, and I’m not one to complain, in fact, I quite loved it as it reminded me of home.

On weekends, the beach isn’t as busy compared to the sunnier days and it’s my favorite thing as you can easily visit a handful of food trucks on the beach whilst enjoying the view of the turquoise blue water uninterrupted.

And because the weather was quite unpredictable and choosing something to wear was quite challenging, I opted to wear this ruffled dress from BCBGMAXAZRIA’s resort collection, the sleeves was perfect to keep the upper body warm whilst the ruffles and skirt sends off the beach vibe, on normal days, the dress can easily be converted to a casual dress with a belt and high heels.


There’s really nothing we can’t take from the weather when Dubai summer crosses our minds, despite the volatile weather, Dubai is still very lovely.

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