If you consider yourself low-maintenance but like looking your best then, by all means, please proceed.

Let’s just assume that I’d been a good girl drinking plenty of water, having enough sleep and exercise. Looking good still requires a bit extra work and unlike most, a trip to the salon once a week is not my favorite thing. Given my lack of fascination about anything time-consuming beauty routine, I have put together five of the beauty products I swear by.

I have tried a lot of brands ranging from the most expensive to the not so expensive and what I have proven to be true, not everything that breaks the bank is always effective, sometimes it’s about finding what works for you and your skin type, it’s not like you don’t already know that.

  1. Dipbrow Pomade in medium brown from Anastasia. You know when you spend 10 minutes of your life perfecting those arches just for it to disappear when you sneeze? Yes, those are my eyebrows. I have a naturally thick, consider it bushy brows, however, I like extending the upper part as it seems more flattering to my face, just to disappear after an hour when my skin gets sweaty or oily (gross I know). I was close to considering eyebrow tattoo, but when I met a friend whose eyebrows can seem to stand an atomic bomb, I inquired and found this eyebrow gel makeup in Sephora.
  2. Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado from Kiehls. I have tried plenty of eye creams; none helped me lighten my dark undereye from working too hard and staying up late drinking all the wine but this Kiehls eye cream did. It adds too that it’s a customers favorite, consider it psychological but it works!

(Wearing Never Fully Dressed silk wrapped around dress from Namshi, accessories from Natasha Schweitzer Jewellery and Flowers from Bliss Flowers UAE)

3.Sunsense Sunblock with SPF 50.  I would always hear and read about the importance of sunblock. I tried using one in the past but it gave me a massive breakout instead, visited dermatologists and nothing changed. I swore never to use one again until summer of 2014. I had a skin pigmentation on both cheeks from excessive sun exposure, I also started forming wrinkles around it, it would’ve been okay if it’s as cute as Julia Roberts but it isn’t. I had no choice but give sunblock another try, and I found Sunsense from Boots. I thought my hormones might be a little tamed by now and using the sun protection will be okay. Indeed it worked wonders on my skin, wrinkles and skin pigmentation lessened and what I discovered is this product is water-based, not oil-based which is not good for a pimple prone skin. Ever since then, I only use water-based products.

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo – I have naturally oily scalp, and I have to color my roots whenever my hair grows because hair coloring products have ammonia that dries the hair which in turn balances it. One reason why having an oily scalp is not very nice is that the hair loses its volume which isn’t nice plus that moment when you just had a shower, dries your hair just to look like a wet chicken after an hour. Not sexy.

5. BareMinerals Makeup – I would always try different makeup brands and would always have a breakout, back in Uni I discovered Loreal Mineral powder, I thought it looked easy to use. I then I figured my spots lessened so I researched about Mineral makeup and found out that is non-comedogenic which means that its elements are big enough not to cause pores to clog, they just stay on the surface. Thus, the chances it will cause breakouts are pretty small compared to traditional cosmetics. It also includes ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that possesses anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory features which are gentler on the skin. The brand phased out the product so I  had to move on. I found BareMinerals four years ago and loved it, until three months ago, the company phased-out their mineral makeup, again, so Imagine me sobbing as I write this.

If you know a good mineral makeup, comment away and thank you in advance!

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