Last season’s favorite which many associated with opulence, and some (I) associated with bad taste, velvet, made a massive come back and thanks to designers adding twist and mixing it with fabrics most of us can tolerate like lace and you know, just generally normal materials made the velvet trend bearable, well at least to me.

 This season, I’m having a deja-vu, because the timeless leopard print is making a come back. Why deja vu you may ask, well, read along.

In the natural world, the leopard print is designed not to stand out but blend in. It’s patterns are meant to camouflage predators as they search for food, the very reason the same print can be seen in fish, cats and frogs just to name a few.

When I bought this Sinequanone dress back in Uni, what I was trying to achieve was the opposite of what the print is for, I was trying to stand out. Before you jump into conclusions,  hear me out!  I was tasked to do a presentation for my college thesis to the freshmen students. I thought if I could look older than I actually do, my audience would likely pay more attention. It seemed like a wise idea back then, looking back it’s quite ridiculous but you got to respect the ambition though. As you can judge,  early on, I associated this print to maturity, literally. 

It goes without saying that I never wore the dress again, I fixated on wearing anti-ageing cream instead, life can be ironic isn’t it. I never got rid of it though, I bought the dress when I was living off my parents money, throwing it away now makes me feel bad.

This piece of clothing also reminded me of my early aspirations so can I consider it an investment? I’d say yes given the sentimental value and also because it’s all the rage again. To prove that,  Prada, Givenchy, Dries Van Noten and Isabel Marant just revived this trend in the catwalk and some of fashion IT girls were seen sporting the trend.

Naturally, I went to shoot the dress and paired it with this bad ass All Saints leather jacket and ankle boots from Namshi.

Any piece of clothing you can’t seem to get rid off?

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