A week escape to Ubud

I have not met anyone who traveled to Bali and didn’t love it and because of that, I made sure Bali is on top of my list to visit this year. We booked a hotel in Ubud which is known for its dreamy boutique hotels, one, in particular, is the Hanging Gardens Hotel in Ubud, the world’s first 7-star boutique hotel which we didn’t stay in (sorry to disappoint you) it was full when we checked.

However, we found a cute boutique hotel and just like any hotel in Ubud, our pool villa has its own pool with the view of the lush forest. The sight of the environment was enough to rejuvenate my soul.

We spent two days exploring Ubud and whichever hotel you choose to stay in, ask for an excursion company, Bali is very organized when it comes to their tourism activities which i think made our stay very enjoyable.

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