Because new year = new you right? I don’t usually make new year resolutions but I’m making an exception this 2017. Afterall anything set with great intention is powerful, have you ever went to bed and consciously told yourself to wake up at a specific time and you did wake up without having to set your alarm clock? Yes, that’s your subconscious working and it’s the very same mechanism that operates when you consciously make a resolution.

 So let’s start shall we?

Be more creative – putting your clothes together is an art. And for some, new year means new ways to layer clothing which I personally find challenging as I tend to stick to classic pieces and never really tried putting random things together so in turn when I got bored, I just bought new pieces and never really tried to reuse and for this reason I intend to stop buying things I don’t really need. It’s primarily coming from the idea that the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world and it’s second only to oil. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion but I recognize that in a grand human scale, fashion is environmentally, psychologically, sociologically impactful and I think it’s great to contribute even in small ways.

Shop fewer accessories – I love buying earrings and will always do whenever I can and whatever I find in the mall whenever I visit. The problem is I end up wearing one percent of all the accessories I ever bought, and it’s both not beneficial both to my bank account and to (refer to number 1). So I think I’d rather invest in few key and quality pieces, same principle I apply with my clothes – quality over quantity.

Be more daring! – It maybe hard to believe but usually follow trend very much, though I’m quite aware what’s to come, I sometimes see trends that I perceive to be awful just to change my mind when it becomes mainstream. I think there’ a whole lot of psychology around it, like we want what other people want and as a fashion blogger, it makes sense to be the first seen wearing it without compromising my own style of course.

 Explore more – going back with the idea that we want what other’s want, most fashion bloggers like myself tend to stick to certain brands like Gucci or Chloe. I also don’t think that most of the bloggers are paid to do it, they just think it’s cool. This year, I’ll try to explore contemporary designers, apart from helping these brands get more exposure, it’s also time to stop sharing the same content on social media. So you can expect a creative and exciting year ahead!

And that’s my new year style resolution? Let’s have fun with this, feel free to share yours!


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