The little black dress or what we fondly call LBD isn’t just a simple dress that saves you from special occasion emergencies, it has it’s own interesting history. Back in the 1900s, black was often worn as a sign of mourning, that is still true today, however after World War 1, it was worn often that it became normal and mourning wasn’t attached to it anymore, in fact Coco Chanel published her first Little Black Dress design in American Vogue.

Of course, it’s a sin not to have one of your own. I rarely keep one for a long time as I prefer light and printed pieces, staying true to my bohemian style. Recently however, I’m starting to recognise the practicality of having a dress you can easily style and can we worn in different occasions.

I also discovered a new fab designer, Farah Hammad who creates feminine pieces including this dress that I’m wearing. Paired it with a strappy sandals and classic YSL sling bagto give that extra oomph! Do you have an LBD you love  to wear?


I have rounded up my favorite LBD’s on the link below. Feel free to browse through and finally get yourself one.

Shop my favourite LBD’s here:


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